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Grilled Pizza Sandwich

Pizza is a popular and cheap meal for those who are not expert cooks. However, with this recipe, everyone can enjoy the pizza flavors in a slightly more sophisticated dish. Making these sandwiches is just as easy as ordering pizza.

Dinners for begginners 7

Sara Calton says, “The pizza sandwiches please everyone and everyone can make them. They really are one of the best and easiest dinners I’ve ever made.”

Sara saw the recipe on the Mormon Moms website. Sara says, “There are a ton of great recipes on that site and I always use it!”

The ingredients are: (for about 4 people)

1 can of pizza sauce

1 package of mozzarella cheese

1 serving garlic bread seasoning
( 1 tbsp Mrs. Dash’s garlic herb seasoning mixed with about two pinches of garlic salt also works great)

Butter for spreading

1 loaf Rustic Bread
(sourdough works great)

1 package of Pepperonis
(Turkey pepperoni works great too and is lower in fat!)

The original recipe instructs cooks to use a grill, a stove, or a griddle. Sara suggested a grill pan, which was used in the experiment, but a regular frying pan can work too.

Dinners for begginners 2
First choose two good slices of bread.

Next, spread a thin layer of butter on the outside of both pieces of bread on the same side as the butter.

Sprinkle on the garlic seasoning and rub it in slightly with a knife or fingers.
bread: buttered and seasoned
Heat up the grill, grill pan, or other pan on medium heat. Wait about 5 minutes.

Put the bread on the pan or grill, butter and seasoning side down. (The bread may sizzle, and that is totally normal.)

While heated, spread a layer of pizza sauce on each slice. The original recipe says to layer the sauce on thick because the bread absorbs it, but put as much on as is preferred.
Dinners for Begginners 3

Next, cover each slice on the side with the sauce in cheese.

Dinners for begginners 5

Finally, add the pepperoni.

dinners for begginners 6

Wait about 3 minutes or until the cheese is almost melted. Check the undersides of the bread to make sure it does not burn.

When it is heated, flip one piece of bread onto the other and heat for a few more seconds before removing the sandwich from the heat and placing immediately onto a plate.
Dinners for begginners 8

Good sides for this dish are:

Homemade Potato chips

Italian Salad


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